I am new in mobile business, can you guide me through steps?

Sure, our friendly support is there for you on each step.

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How can I earn from mobile game?

There are 3 different ways to make money from your mobile games:

  1. Advertisements:  Your game can earn by showing advertisements. Revenue is generated by impressions or clicks on the ads (depends on the network which you have integrated). We integrate Admob and Chartboost Ads for free.
  2. Paid Game: If you launch paid game on stores, users will pay the price to download the game. You will earn 70% of the sales.
  3. In-app Purchases: You can add in-app purchases in your game and make revenue. For example your game users need to pay $0.99 to unlock new car in the game. 
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How much I can earn from mobile game?

There are a lot of factors that will play into this.Major factor is number of downloads. For a typical game with roughly 1500-2000 downloads a day, that game generates $30-$50 per day. 

The fluctuation will happen on the weekends when more people have free time and are checking out new games. So the money then is always higher.  

In-app purchases can also increase revenue as an additional revenue stream. So in theory if we can convert 2000 downloads a day to in-app purchasers, the revenue stream will be much higher.Even if just say 5% spend $2 that's $200 more revenue on a very small number of downloads.According to the big boys like King and Supercell, they are averaging between $1.49 and $36.99 average purchase!

Another factor is holidays. We noticed right after Christmas the graph skyrocketed on downloads. This most likely was because of devices people got for Christmas. So holidays are a great time to push out new titles or update old ones.  

Then if you are lucky maybe you can create a hit like Flappy Bird and generate $50,000 a day.

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How will you integrate advertisement IDs?

You have to provide us your ad ids (Admob & Chartboost by default).

For Admob:

  1. App ID
  2. Banner ad unit ID
  3. Interstitial ad unit ID

For Chartboost:

  1. App ID
  2. App Signature
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How to create Admob Ad IDs?

Sign in to your AdMob account at

Click Apps in the sidebar.

Click Add app to add a new app. 

Choose ‘NO’. Have you published your app on Google Play or the App Store?

Choose platform and enter the app name. Once you have added new app you will get App ID.

Click Add ad unit.

Click Select for the Banner.

Enter a name for this ad unit. You can add any name for example ‘banner1’.

Click Create ad unit. Once you have created ad unit you will get Banner Ad Unit ID.

Click Add another ad unit.

Click Select for the Interstitial.

Enter a name for this ad unit. You can add any name for example ‘gameover’.

Click Create ad unit. Once you have created ad unit you will get Interstitial Ad Unit ID.

Click done. We need all 3 IDs (App ID, Banner ID and Intersitital ID).

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How to create Chartboost Ad IDs?

  1. Sign in to your Chartboost account at
  2. Click on ‘+ APP’. 
  3. Choose platform, enter app name and select app orientation.
  4. Click save.
  5. You will get App ID and App Signature.
  6. Click on ‘+ CAMPAIGN’.
  7. Choose ‘Network Publishing’.
  8. Enter campaign name. You can enter any name like same as app name.
  9. Choose interstitial as placement type. 
  10. Choose platform.
  11. Selection the app which we added in previous steps.
  12. Click save.
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