How it works?

Mobilenani is a marketplace for game apps source codes, reskin and other development services, which means our customers don’t require coding or reskinning experience. We make everything smooth for our clients. We follow below steps:

  1. You choose your favorite game.
  2. You select variant (android, iOS etc.) and place the order.
  3. You provide advertisement ids (Admob & Chartboost by default).
  4. We make your customized game ready.
  5. We make game post production (icon, screenshots & description) ready.
  6. We launch the game on your app store and/or google play account.
  • Mobilenani Inc

How will you publish the game on my app store and/or google play account?

We offer 3 options to our clients in order to publish the game on app stores:

  1. You can add our email address “” in your account as new user. Grant us admin rights so that we can access your account and publish the game.
  2. You can share your credentials of app store and/or google play account. Our team can login to your developer account and publish the game from there.
  3. We can handover game executable, icons, screenshots & description to you and you can publish the game on your own.
  • Mobilenani Inc

How to give access to Google Play Developer account?

  1. Sign in to your Google Play Developer account at 
  2. Settings> Users & permissions.To add a user, select Invite new user and follow the onscreen instructions. Use our email address:
  3. Use the "Role" selector to choose as ‘Admin’.
  4. Click Send Invitation.
  • Mobilenani Inc

Will I get a unique game?

  • App stores don’t allow duplicate content so we can’t publish same game twice. 
  • The game which you buy will be 100% unique. Game art, icons, game name, screenshots & description are unique for your game. We guarantee successful game publish on app stores.
  • Mobilenani Inc

Can I resell the game?

You can resell the live game but not source code.
  • Mobilenani Inc

What will be the app name?

Game names shown on the store are temporary. You will provide us your desired game name or our suggestion is always there.
  • Mobilenani Inc