By purchasing a Game Template on Mobilenani, you will get:

  1. Complete Source Code of Game Template.
  2. Free future updates of the Game Template.
  3. Support by our Tech Team.

By using a game template, you can reduce your development time dramatically. You can update the UI and graphics of the game. You can add more features on top of it. In short, the game template serves as a strong base of your own project.

If you buy Reskin & Launch Service, our team will use the game template and customize it according to your requirements. For example, new graphics and advertisement integrations. Our team will also publish the game from your account.

This service is best for those clients who don’t want to get into the technical details of game development and launch.

What to expect from reskin service? Click here for examples.

Single License: By this license, you can use the game template for one of your projects. You can publish the game on one major platform i.e. Google Play or App Store.

Multiple License: By this license, you can use the game template for as many projects as you want. You can publish the game on both major platforms i.e. Google Play and App Store.

Game Template: Instant download

Game Template with Reskin & Launch Service: 10 Days