Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Mobilenani is best for buying mobile games?
    • Quality - Each and every game is designed perfectly.
    • 4x cheap - We are cost effective.
    • Team of industry pros.
    • Friendly support.
  • How Mobilenani works?
    1. You choose your favorite game.
    2. You select variant (android, ios etc.) and place the order.
    3. You provide advertisement ids (admob & chartboost by default).
    4. We make your customized game ready.
    5. We make game post production (icon, screenshots & description) ready.
    6. We launch the game on your app store and/or google play account.
    7. If you buy game with source code then source code is delivered to you on your email.
  • How will you publish the game on my app store and/or google play account?
    1. You share your credentials of app store and/or google play account.
    2. We upload game executable, icons, screenshots, description & all other requirements.
    3. If you don't want to share your credentials then we will handover game executable, icons, screenshots & description to you.
  • What is the benefit of buying a game with source code?
    • You can update the game anytime you want.
    • You can create new reskins from that source code.
  • Will I get a unique game?
    • Yes, the game which you buy is reskinned just for you.
    • Game art, icons, game name, screenshots & description are unique for your reskinned game.
  • Can I buy more than one copies of the same game?
    • Yes, simply increase the quantity at the time of buying.
    • You will get that much reskinned games.
    • You will get unique game art, icons, game name, screenshots & description for each copy.
  • Can I resell the game?
    • You can resell the game but not source code.
  • What will be the game name?
    • Game names shown on the store are temporary.
    • You will ask for your desired game name or our suggestion is always there.
  • How will you integrate advertisement ids?
    • You will provide ad ids (admob & chartboost by default).
    • For Admob:
      • Banner ad unit id & Interstitial ad unit id.
    • For Chartboost:
      • App signature & App id
  • What are add-ons?
    • Add-ons are extra features to make the game more successful. Just like adding more ads networks can double your revenue.
  • What is Monetization add-on?
    • If you need to add extra advertisement networks then this add-on is for you.
    • Adding more networks can increase revenue.
  • What is Social add-on?
    • It includes leaderboards, achievements & sharing feature.
    • Leaderboards & achievements can increase player retention.
    • Sharing feature is a free marketing tactic and can increase number of installs.
  • What is ASO add-on?
    • ASO is like SEO for games.
    • It increases visibility of your game in stores.
    • It's a long term continuous process, which can take up to few months.
    • Our ASO fee is one time only. You don't have to pay monthly.
  • I am new in mobile business, can you guide me through steps?
    • Sure, our friendly support is there for you on each step.
  • Can you give me discount on bulk purchase?