Tips to Earn More Money With Your Mobile Game

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There are million available game in the App Store for Apple and Android users. Since the market place is crowded, it is very important for you to develop a sold marketing plan for your mobile game before and after its launch. Which help you to get more money with your game and more downloads also.

◉ Create a Website or Landing Page
Develop a website or landing page that describes your mobile game and how it provides value. You can also collect visitor’s email address and contact them later with updates about your games.

◉ Contact the Press
Pitch story ideas to popular bloggers, journalists, and writers about your mobile game. Journalists are always looking for stories, especially if you can connect it with a current news story or subject.

◉ Podcast
Would you truly like to make a buzz around your mobile game? You can begin your own particular podcast or promote on a mainstream one. Attempt to work with a podcast that objectives your particular specialty.

◉ Use Well known Web-based social networking Stages
Does your target audience use social media? If so, which platforms do they use the most? After you do research and understand where you can find them online, join those platforms and create informative and engaging content. Share content that will appeal to your target audience and fits your brand. If you have a marketing budget you can also purchase ads. Your game can receive significantly more downloads when you build up an audience using social media platforms.

◉ Visitor Blogging
Visitor blogging consider the best way to market your mobile game. Contact bloggers who cater to a similar audience and offer to write a visitor post for free in exchange for a link to the game in your author’s bio. Whenever someone reads your content they can immediately find and download your game.

◉ Open Talking
Do you enjoy public speaking? Contact different organizations and ask if you can speak about an interesting topic at an upcoming event. Public speaking is a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure and provide free advertising for your mobile game.

◉ Write a Blog
Another marketing strategy is to add a blog to your current website. Write about topics that would appeal to your target audience.

◉ Make Promotional Videos
Create a promotional video explaining why you created the mobile game detail game-play. You can also demonstrate how to play game in a video. You can upload the video to your website or post them on YouTube and other video platforms.

◉ Facebook Group
Ask if you can promote your game on a popular Facebook group that caters to your target audience. You can also decide to make your own Facebook page and group for the game.

◉ App Review Websites
One of the best and great way to generate buzz about your game is to get added to an game review website. This can bring in lots of traffic, download, rating especially if your game gets a favourable review and people trust the website’s content.

◉ Connect the Mobile game with Social Media
Try and make it easy for users to share about your game online. If you haven’t already, integrate social media into your game so users can quickly share information about your game with their friends and loved ones. Leaderboard ides and lot more. The easier you make it for them to share on Pinterest, Snapchat, and other platforms, the more you can get the word out about your game.

◉ Have a Promotional Contest or Giveaway
Have a contest or giveaway to generate publicity about your game. Ask users to tweet, make a Facebook post, or send a Snapchat video to their followers for some swag or another gift.